Breathing Fire in Washington DC for Black History Month 2018

"Looking forward to our journey with Breathing Fire Playback Theatre Company, flying the flag for Bristol in Washington DC and connecting with our sistas at Hissing Black Cat playback theater company, Maryam Fatima Foye, Skye Ellis, Alexis Monet Cook and co, we are on our way!"

13 Feb 2018

Our Washington DC Tour 2018 is complete!

We are now back home in Bristol. Our tour was supported by funding from Arts Council England.

We partnered with our Washington DC based sister company, Hissing Black Cat to deliver five playback performances and we are pleased to have made links with a High School and a Women’s writing group to deliver two additional performances.

We performed again with our sisters in Hissing Black Cat on our reciprocal visit following on from their joining us on our UK tour in 2016.

February is Black History Month in the USA and we can benefit from our interactions with communities and people especially around the way Black History Month is celebrated and acknowledged in America. We performed in a range of settings to different community groups. Our aim was to honour our audiences with their stories on issues, experiences and moments that are most relevant to them and their cultural perspectives.

27 Feb 2018

"I don't mean to gloat but I'm gonna... last week (and still) I hosted six women from the UK in my home. Lovingly naming these stellar artists, educators and change agents ... my aunties. We laughed, smiled, teased, fought and meditated our way through five performances and ten workshops in five days. Together we had audiences as small as four and large as 100.

Demographics from youth to elder and you wouldn't believe the stories. I'm now gearing up for the same experience with other family in Dakar, Senegal | Pretoria, South Africa and of course, I'm going back to the UK. There is so much work being done in my life. Fluctuations and compromises and hiccups abound. Please believe it, but listen... I helped serve over 600 people in one week with theatre geared towards healing with over 80% of those people being people of color. There is no way you can make me believe the Most High doesn't have his hands all over that and me. I'm gloating. They say when your blessed you should scream it... say it loud... Ya girl is covered and this train is moving... I hope you take the ride with me... in peace always and only in peace."


Ruth, Valerie and Maryam were interviewed on February 20 by Sherrie Eugene on BCFM Real Women radio show whilst still in DC.