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What's Gone 2019

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March 2019

We were pleased to collaborate with ‘Rise and Fall Playback' theatre company for Bristol’s key International Women’s Day event at City Hall in Bristol. We committed to practising with ‘Rise and Fall Playback’ and then delivered a performance on ‘Cycles of Life’ which focused mainly on the international theme of the menopause. Women were very open about their personal experiences and this generated tears and laughter in the performance. There was particularly honesty and affirmations of each other’s experiences. Having received positive responses from our first gig with ‘Rise and Fall Playback’ we hope to pursue future opportunities with their company over the year.


Summer 2019

'Play and Display’ Theatre Workshops for children and young people

Breathing Fire explored opportunities to run a series of one day theatre workshops for children and young people in the summer holidays with a range of venues and organisations in East, Central and North Bristol.


Summer 2019

We supported performances with The Golden Thread Playback Theatre Company.


September 2019

Breathing Fire will took part in a weekend for playback practitioners / companies in Bristol and Wales, venue: 'Over the Rainbow’, Ceredigion, West Wales.


Autumn 2019

Breathing Fire explored opportunities for collaboration with other theatre companies and agencies to run Forum Theatre sessions with communities in a series of Bristol neighbourhoods as from autumn 2019.


October 2019

‘In Between Times’ Summit

We ran a ‘We Are Warriors‘ workshop at the summit following on from our contribution to this highly successful project working with Women and Girls last year.


We also ran a workshop in October at the men’s prison as part of their for Black History Month program.